Friday, November 4, 2011

Fluffy Floofy

I'm working on integrating my 3D work into a 2D format, cause drawing ain't my best thing. So here's my first/second stab at it: Some fluffy monsters wearing sunglasses, for an assignment in Lifestyles where we were working to incorporate photographed accessories with out illustration styles. I like where it's going but it's not quite there yet; in the future I think I'm going to try working with dioramas more than digital collage.

More Paper Dolls

For some reason I can now once again access my blog! Here are more weeks of paper dolls, courtesy of Lifestyle Illustration. You might notice that in the Halloween edition, my main-man-model is wearing ladyclothes. This is because is sorely lacking sexy fruit costumes for men! And they said it would be the new big thing. Clearly they didn't think it through!