Monday, November 8, 2010

Queens of the Stone Age

Today I would like to say: "Lol what are updates"

I am very busy with the exciting and confusing process of study abroad paperwork!

Anyway, for Illustration Concepts I, our most recent assignment was to redesign an album cover. I chose the album 'Songs for the Deaf' by Queens of the Stone Age, mostly because I found the original cover really boring and only reflective of the song "Go With the Flow," which I think is kind of an outlier in their music.

For this album QOTSA had DJs create fake radio noise to simulate the drive to Joshua Tree, and it's included in the beginning and ends of a lot of songs, hence the radio. And frankly I find their music creepy and a bit sinister, so mosquitoes seemed like appropriate imagery. And I realized this after, but they chose their name to be the "Queens" rather than the "Kings" because king would have been to macho- and their music is rock for men and women. So I feel like the parts of the cover that I embroidered fit pretty well conceptually.

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  1. This is rad grace. I can def see them using this as an actual cover.