Monday, September 13, 2010

I am SEW lazy, get it?

These are some of the embroideries that I did over the last school year that I just forgot to post. The embroidery portraits are from my Intro to Fibers class last fall- the articles of clothing (a t-shirt and a cummerbund, in case you couldn't tell) belonged to each of the subjects. The t-shirt one is of my dad (he was and is so 70s) and the cummerbund is of my late "Grampa" Rose.

The rainbow one from a set of three illustrations from my Illustration II class. We had to have an image illustrating a certain idea and each image had to include a dog, a broom, and a radio tower. This one is "harmony" cause don't they all look so sickeningly happy? I sure wish I were that happy! This was the only embroidered one of the set because embroidery takes "sew" long.

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  1. I like the embroidered one of the 3, it looks super MEGA awesome.