Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Emergency Snake!!

For my Illustration II class we had to make a poster for something, that was an actual thing, even though the event could be theoretical. I chose to make a poster for Greg the Bear, a band a friend of mine is in, advertising their appearance at this year's Ram Jam music festival(although they weren't actually playing this year, they had played the year before.) Now my teacher kept laughing at the name "Ram Jam" and it took me until today to figure out what was so damn funny and now I'm wondering why the hell the founders of Ram Jam chose such a name, but oh well, it's already named that and all the people that attend it don't seem to mind.

Now as for the poster, it didn't turn out like I had hoped. The teacher said "MORE SNAKE!" since it kind of falls into the background, so now my options for reworking it are to reshoot it and give it a simplified line background or to edit out the tree and replace that with a simplified line drawing. At any rate I generally like the way the text worked out even though it's not as visible as it should be, although when I change the background that's not really going to be an issue anymore.

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